Deploy Ghost in 1 click

Today I'm going to show you how to deploy Ghost blog on Zeet

Ghost is a powerful blog tool for visualizing your database, and helping anyone launch their newsletter or blog. We actually use Ghost for this very blog you're reading right now!


There isn't any! Ghost has a public Docker Image, which Zeet can run for you

All you have to do is click: here

Click "Deploy" and you're off to the races – it only takes a few seconds to deploy your very own metabase project

Once your project moves into the "Deployed" state, click that Visit button and you should see the default Ghost page.

Add /ghost to the end of your URL to setup your new Ghost blog.

Ghost will now walk you through setting up your blog.

You're done!

Johnny Dallas

Johnny Dallas

Founder & CEO of Zeet Always in the support chat, feel free to reach out :)
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